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  • Access to more doctors with nationwide PPO coverage 
  • Reduced rates based on qualification 
  • Shop all the available carriers in your area 
  • Consultation is at no cost to you, all fees are paid directly by the carrier
  • Better coinsurance leads to less out-of-pocket cost
  • Preventative Care
  • Basic Care
  • Major Care
  • Orthodontic Care 
  • Up to 84% Savings on Vision Services.
  • Over 71,000 Providers to Choose From.
  • Comprehensive Eye Exam $0
  • Corrective Lenses $10
  • Corrective Contact Lenses $10
  • Frames $10 with Annual Allowance 
  • Flexible life insurance without the need for an exam.
  • ​Affordable rates.
  • Protection for your family and your assets.
  • Replace your current salary in the case of injury or illness.
  • Collect your benefit in as little as two weeks from the time of disability.
  • ​Protect your family and ensure your bills are paid while you are unable to work
  • 31 million people are injured in accidents that require medical treatment each year.
  • ​Reduce your out-of-pocket cost with an affordable accident supplement to compliment your medical plan.
  • ​Accident supplemental products are affordable and cover the entire family with one low monthly premium.

I am your benefits consultant.  I am here to answer your questions and help you find the best coverage at a lower rate.  Consultations are at no charge to you and all fees are paid directly by the carrier.  When you are ready to shop for health insurance plans, I am here to help!

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